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Meet Me At Secret Solstice 2018

The Midnight Sun occurs every Summer in Iceland between the months of May and July. It is caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis towards the Sun during Summer. During this period of prolonged daylight; Secret Solstice begins.

The festival is located within Reykjavik, Iceland and plays host to a very unique line-up.
With Bonnie Tyler, Gucci Mane, Steve Aoki, Slayer adorning the Main Stage – Secret Solstice had a little of something for everyone this year. Over the duration of the four day festival – the promoters offer unique excursions to some of Iceland’s most awe inspiring attractions, including; The Lava Tunnel, Into The Glacier and The Blue Lagoon to name a few.

If you, like many others have grown tired of the average festival experience and seek adventure / new experiences – this is a must try. We are optimistic to see what magic the Secret Solstice team have in store for next year.

Photography and Words by Liam Simmons
Mentions: Matthildur Margrét / Embla MaríaKristbjörg Lára / Secret Solstice