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Morning Light with Madison

Kevin Jara – represented by Sky Talent – is finally back on C-Heads with a truly beautiful and dreamy series starring Madison Martina of  Frank Models.


“Growing up in any part of California other than Los Angeles, there’s a love-hate relationship with this town from the the start. Why go to LA? The endless mini mall sprawl? The over abundance of extravagant dreamers and delusional egos? The traffic that makes you truly understand the scope of humans ability to multiply? There is no easy way about it to see the city of angels. That said, if you know where to go and who to go with, you can understand why this city has drawn romantics from everywhere for decades. None of this is new.

I had been on the road for a few days, indulging with old California nostalgia from the desert to the coast, connecting with friends from the best chapters of my life, and decided to end my weekend with a treat. Staying on the corner room of the 12th floor of the Ace Hotel in DTLA, inspiration is not hard to find amongst the 1920’s deco and modern lines. After a night of reading by the pool and candle lit dinner to myself, sleeping soundly to the buzz of the streets far below, I woke to a text from Madison.

“Be there in 15. Should we get room service? Pancakes? French fries? Cute Donuts?” That’s how a Monday should start. But the menu forced us to take a more classic and less stoned at Denny’s route. No complaints from either of us though.

Madison was incredible to shoot with and someone I had been looking forward to for weeks ever since her agent raved to me about this girl fresh from Florida. Somehow able to conjure up all of Hollywoods classic leading ladies just as easily as that girl next door that who taught you to slow dance in middle school. Her passion and confidence really shined as we relaxed, enjoyed the morning light, and a breakfast of fresh blueberries and perfectly crisp potatoes. Hitting the snooze more than once and extending the weekend just a bit longer.”


Photographer: Kevin Jara @jara.photo
Represented by: Sky Talent @skytalentmanagement
Model: Madison Martina @madisonmartina
Agency: Frank Models @frankmodelmanagement