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“Naked New York” A series documenting youth, evanescence and city life

“For a moment I share a strong intimacy with a stranger. I love all the life on the street, those little moments that happen before your eyes.”

explained Paris based street and portrait photographer Julien Besson a while ago to us. We followed up with the talented artist on his new work and show three new series documenting youth, dancing, and city life. Coming back from his 4th trip to Brooklyn in May 2018 the viewer delves into an analogous world of captured moments, which convey an intense feeling of loneliness, transience but also power and beauty at the same time.





‘THE Hart Street’

“I found the perfect ‘West side story’ setting for my pictures just two blocks away from where I lived. In an almost abandoned basketball court, surrounded by old social buildings with fire escapes in the background, ideal to start my collaboration with Annalee Traylor. I chose to shoot her with what the street “offered me”, there was an old Cadillac: the ideal American symbol. Annalee used the structure of the basketball court to express her art by freezing the movement. She came dressed the way she is in her normal life. We ended our collaboration in a neighborhood pizzeria, with very flashy neon lights over our heads. Another typical setting of this city, as there are so many of those in New York. With the idea of representing Annalee in a very decal fashion photo atmosphere and build I called the serie ‘The Hart Street’.



The kids from the hood.

“I found again a gang of young people with bikes in the corner of lower east side. I missed out on them on my last trip 8 months ago when I saw around 50 kids riding in front of me, but I didn´t have the time to take my camera. So this time I searched around two days in the neighborhood and Oh – New York – you were generous with me… I really  found them. “We are not a team, we’re just kids from the hood who just link up ride” The last photo represent WAFFLE NYC, A NYC-Based collective of talented LiteFeet dancers, which I met in the subway.


 ‘Naked New York’

“This serie is about my love for timelessness in my photographic work.
The third part of my work in New York, in May 2018, is more social. It’s about the silent life of the people at work. It’s about the objects that we abandon and the passing of time. Brooklyn is not a movie. It’s life. Here no one pretends to be cool, people are so sincere, curious, there is still life and a great wealth and social mix.

Thank you to Miss Alexander (my favorite skater at Tompkings Square Park), Annalee Traylor (Dancer, Choreographer), the Litefeet dancers in the subway, the kids in the street and the anonymous.