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“Actually I never knew that I wanted to become a DJ, I just did it.” Exchanging thoughts with Pretty Pink

“If you love something, keep on doing it.”

While you can treat yourself to the chat we had with energetic Leipzig based DJane and producer Pretty Pink about her secret of success, the music scene getting more and more crowded and the Leipzig hype you can relish her latest smashing Deep Woods podcast and get infected with her élan.


Is it still the same excitment these days and are you still nervous before a gig?

Of course I’m always excited if it goes to a new location or new country. I’m always looking forward to explore more and more.

What made you anyway want to become a DJane?

Actually I never knew that I wanted to become a DJ, I just did it. I have always loved to play music and also the technical side with vinyls back in the days and so I just started to try it out. In this learning period I was really bad at technique but I kept working on it. Than they saw me live and asked me to play in clubs and I just did it.

When you started you had a myspace site and a head full of dreams and plans. How have all social network sites nowadays, influenced your work and the way we consume music these days? I mean it has a lot of good sides, but can also be a bit of an overkill and loss of quality over quantity. How are your thoughts on that?

Oh wow, there are a lot of questions in one. First of all I think that this whole social media base made also a really good base for DJs. Back in the days it was necessary to play in clubs, radio stations and travel a lot to be known. When Facebook, Soundcloud and all this new social media came up we had the opportunity to spread our music into the world without even playing once in another country or releasing on Vinyl and CD. It is a lot easier to make yourself a name with music. For me personally it was the best thing that happened back in the days when I started. Of course now it’s getting more and more crowded, all the music just drops out without even being judged or discussed before. But I think that if the music is really good, it will make its way through all this.



“Actually I never knew that I wanted to become a DJ, I just did it.”


It´s great to watch you DJing – it seems that you feel every sound you give to the audience and sort of sing along the rhythm and sounds. I can imagine for anyone DJing to be in a to be in a complete turmoil after a gig. How do you calm down afterwards?

I am always a hyper person, also in normal life, so I would say that I never calm down ;)

What´s your secret of success?

If you love something, keep on doing it.

What´s next for you?

The next big thing is my release on Armada deep, it’s called “my Kick” and on Universal music “KlingKlang”, these are two strong tracks. I was working on it for a long time and I’m really excited how people like them.

You are currently based in Leipzig. Does the city have its hype rightly?

Yes, that is true! I finished my studies in Leipzig and I really like the city a lot, nice people, great history, great buildings, beautiful parks and lakes around and a really really cool musician and art scene. So Leipzig got me hyped!

Most important thing in life for you… ?

Spreading my music to the people and make them happy :)





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