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Ghastly talks about growing up on goat farm, being homeless, Skrillex and getting fired from all jobs

“I will never forget the first time I was driving to LA and I had all my shit in my van. And I was just like: We will see what happens!”

David Lee Crow alias Ghastly’s story can be made into a film. Raised on a goat farm in Arizona, the 28 year old DJ and record producer initially flirted with metal before finding his love for the bass driven electronic dance music. After moving to Venice Beach and living out of his van West Coast hobo style, a lot of good stuff happened and since then he has released on labels such as OWSLA, Buygore, and Dim Mak, including “Miami Connection” with Jauz and “Crank It” with Mija & Lil Jon. Enjoy our insightful, inspiring and fun sidewalk talk.