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Video Premiere: Top Bunk – “Toothbrush”

For those who think that Top Bunk is a cult… it is.

Based in Silver Lake, California, the eight piece pop collective is self-described as “digital punk rock for the post-rave wasteland.” After a sugary sweet debut single in “Figure It Out”, the group was quick to follow up with installment #2, “Toothbrush.” Pulling pages from the playbooks of 90s alternative, hip-hop, and electro pop, the record clocks in at just two minutes flat, but covers a lot of ground along its way. Today Top Bunk gives you a glimpse into their charming yet slightly deranged world with the video counterpart, which you can find below.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photos by Mallory Turner


“Toothbrush is our slacker anthem dedicated to hanging loose without falling apart. It’s a slap in the face to the whole world and a wake up call to the cult of (Top) Bunk.”


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