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6 Questions with Left Brain

Left Brain is best known as one of the founding members of music collective Odd Future and duo MellowHype, but is now enjoying his time in the spotlight as a solo artist. Christopher Brown got to catch up with him on the streets of LA where he discussed his new solo album, goat yoga, and his plans for the future.


Who is Left Brain?

Left Brain is just another name for me, the artist. I heard one of my teachers say left brain one day, I forgot who… but yeah, I liked it.

Describe your music

My music is underground, a bit dark but fun. It’s for the young kids, going through high school into adulthood. Even for younger kids,so many different people come to my shows. I think this is a better question for the fans.

Talk about your creative process

I just think alot, I’m never trying to make a specific sound, just whatever comes up in my head. I sit smoke a blunt, play video games, cook food, watch a movie… then I might think of something. I might sit in the studio all day and not work until 4-5am.

Congrats on releasing the new album, what’s next for you?

Vol2.5 and 3, me and Sahtyre about to put a project out and me and jay worthy plus a lot of secret shit I can’t say.

Along with the artwork we saw there were goats present at the album launch party – is there a meaning behind the goat connection with the album?

Nah, just goats – greatest of all timers. Come party with the goats.

How has the transition from producer to actually performing your own material been?

It´s been fun, kinda still getting use to not performing with OF but it’s the same energy.

stream the new album “Mind Gone Vol. 2 empire.lnk.to/MindGoneVol2

 photography and interview by Christopher Brown