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EP Premiere: Tanners – “TANNERS EP”

Sometimes you get the best of both worlds.

Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Tanners is living proof. Mixing the psychedelic rock flair of indie greats like Tame Impala with pop vocal melodies of stars like Lana Del Rey, the New Yorker by way of Tennessee has just emerged with her debut EP. The current single, “This Crazy” swirls with synths, but cuts with real drums, and is the singer’s coming to terms with the inevitable phase of being reckless and young. Having recently finishing up a tenure at NYU’s prestigious music technology program, the young songbird appears to be in charge of her vision, which is made loud and clear on her brand new self-titled EP.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photos by Dannah Gottlieb



“This Crazy” is a snapshot of a time when I was making some very reckless choices. Staying out too late, drinking too much, not taking care of myself, blowing off priorities, etc. I was getting away with everything too easily and it was like I was waiting for someone to call me out and tell me to get it together, hence the lyrics “I keep feeling like I’m running from the police, but they never catch me.”

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