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Rad Horror “Mad at the World” On Heavy-Hitting New Single

There’s a lot to be mad at nowadays.

They could pick things out one by one, but to save time, Rad Horror is mad at all of it. On their most recent single, “Mad at the World,” the LA-based rock band conjures up a tasteful blend of styles similar to early alternative greats like Oasis, Nirvana, and The Strokes. Ironically enough, while it feels bright and breezy, lead singer Dylan Jackson Scott claims its an anthem of confusion – not understanding why the world is in its current state. Better yet, the song has been extremely well received so far – by both the fans, and the industry.

Words and Photography by Andy Gorel



“I don’t think I understand the music industry. Maybe it doesn’t understand me. You could say I’m mad at the world, but maybe I’m just mad at all the posers appropriating rock and roll and hip hop to create bad music.


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