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A talk with Maarten of Bingo Players

“The limitations of making music have gone due to computers but the basics of how you make your music – the grooves and the feeling – is still the same.”

Bingo Players is a Dutch dance and electro house musical project fronted by DJ and record producer Maarten Hoogstraten. Bingo Players was previously a duo with Bäumer, who sadly died from cancer in 2013. After the tragic death of Bäumer, Hoogstraten announced that Bäumer had said to continue with the Bingo Players. They are best known for their hit songs “Cry (Just a Little)” and “Rattle”. Cry (Just a Little) was a Top-40 hit in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe and Australia, in addition to an international club hit. Bingo Players were ranked number 52 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list for 2013. Enjoy our sidewalk talk!