Tiffany by Umbro for C-Heads


With the first real hot days pleasing us, our wish to be closer to the beach gets stronger. And if we can´t be there in person right now, at least visually we let ourselves be abducted by Los Angeles based photographer Umbro, with this beautiful story exclusive for C-Heads “To the Sea of Love” together with Model Tiffany Toto at Q Model Management absorbing the relaxing sea-side atmosphere.
“Sometimes looking through a lens at someone creates a bond, a camaraderie to achieve a common goal. Where two people who never knew each other before, get a sense of being old friends in the short term and then it fades again when the goal is reached. In this case the goal was imagery, the story came later. I’ve always felt that the thoughts and expressions of a model tell the story for you. The story in this case was love, or thoughts of a “once loved” to be precise. Someone long ago told me, if you want to create beautiful images of a woman, take her to a beautiful place. This particular stretch in the Sea of Love seemed appropriate to me. It suited the illusion I needed to manifest that day. And this is why we were able to create a little bit of magic on our very first shoot together, at a place we both had never been…”











Photography by Umbro
IG: @josephumbro
Model: Tiffany Toto at Q Model Management
IG: tifftoto

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