Cayla & Adria by Stefano Galli for C-Heads

“Cayla and Adria”  A C-Heads Exclusive story photographed and written by Stefano Galli / instagram @ste_galli

Bip Bip- Bip Bip (cell phone) New Inbox:

Cayla- “What are you doing tonight ?”,

Me- : “Nothing! :

Cayla- :”Ok. I’ll stop by. We’ll have a pizza”

I know Cayla since I moved to the States… she’s crazy, but this kind of crazy person that you tend to like, if you know what I mean… Anyway she’s from Illinois and I met her in Venice Beach, where I used to live. She is my friend Lorenzo ex girlfriend and he kept telling me that I should have photograph her, so I did, one day, on the beach and…. I never stopped since.

I live in Echo Park now and that night it was about a week that I moved in. As you might not know, Los Angeles is like 30 cities put together into one. I didn’t know anybody in my new “neighborhood” .

What to do, what to photograph …

Obviously, she’s late. Shows up with a shitty cold $5 pizza from Little Caesar and a 6 pack.

I go get her down the street, I recognize her wrecked car right away…

-“Hiiiiii” she goes; wearing a fucking disgusting fake fur and “bitch-a-like” high heels..

In my head I’m thinking “mmm there she goes, different place same girl” …

I notice that somebody else is there with her… While I try to focus on this new presence (it was dark) they get closer and this other girl goes :

– “Hi! I’m Adria, nice to meet you, I hear that you are going to photograph us”

I’m already upset, I’m one of this guy that doesn’t like to waste his films on any random girls..I’m very selective!

While we walk towards my super small apartment, I’m desperately trying to think about an excuse to get rid of them ASAP.

My place is empty, I just moved in! Only cheap Ikea furniture, nothing to show, nothing to talk about..boring.

We sit in the kitchen, I mean we squeeze in the kitchen…I light a cigarette, we start drinking and smocking…

I think at that point some depressing music like the Arab Strap were on the speakers …

Cayla starts talking. She talks a lot. I don’t pay attention… I though pay attention to Adria, which seems to be pretty shy.

She has an amazingly amount of beautiful black hairs covering her face, she’s half mexican… I love mixed races.


“I brought some clothes and some wigs” says Cayla.

“What do you mean you brought some clothes?and wigs??!! ” I reply.

Me-: “We are going to eat a pizza, that’s it!”

Cayla-: “Well, I thought we could have some pictures taken. Just to kill time… you know… Adria wants to model for American Apparel. You might help her with some good photos, you’re so good you’re so ….bla bla bla”

More beers, more cigarettes, the soundtrack is now more upbeat, Future Island, I recall …

I lazily grab my T3 and start snapping some photos whit out not even looking through the view-finder… I soon notice how incredibly sexy they responded to my flashes.

I knew how good is Cayla in front of a camera but I wouldn’t never thought the same about that pretty little girl Adria…

They raise my attention!

6 packs gone, music is back to Sigur Ros or some depressing shit like it… excitement is at the lowest, is fading…

Shit! I’ve gotta do something, I’ve gotta find some booze, it’s late… Liquor stores are already closed in this damn city… OK, fuck it! I’m just gonna knock on my brand-new neighbor’s door and ask for some alcohol.

I know it’s midnight but I’m bold enough, I can do it … ….

Me-:”Knock knock”

Neighbor -: “Who is it ?”

Me-: “It’s Stefano…next door…I was wondering if you could help me?!

She opens the door, while both Cayla and Adria are loudly laughing and skipping the music onto something more up beat, Homework by Daft Punk.

Me-: “Hi, I’m really sorry to bother… but… don’t you happen to have a spear bottle of whisky or something like it? Could I borrow it? I’ll buy it back, I promise!”

She looks at me like I’m a total asshole that needs help in order to shag two young pretty girls.

Me-: “You know, we are having a photo shoot and the ‘models’ would love to have something to drink, you know… to stay up…”

Right there I realize that I’m totally loosing my reputations. I will be consider a motherfucker Italian macho trying to have a 3some or some shit like that….

Whatever, I’m buzzed , I don’t care…

She looks at me with a wicked smile and lends me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s !

Me-: ” Wow, thank you, really!”

I rapidly end the conversation doing my best to avoid any further eye contact while I walk back …

I step back into my apartment, lock the door and blast the speakers that have now reached track nr. 03, Revolution 909, one of my favorite, by the way ..

I smile, I pour the girls a glass of Jack, the honey version (girls likes this stuff ) and I carry on clicking…

beep beep – beep beep – beep beep (cell phone alarm) I wake up – big time hangover – films everywhere on the floor – no music – nobody is around.

Cayla is now living in Denver, Colorado… I went there to photograph her few months ago but this stupid american air line company lost my luggage with all my films and equipment’s inside! We ended up starring at each other. (Hej don’t worry, I’ve got a full coverage on the loss )

Adria, I haven’t seen her since. I want to believe that she change her phone number and that’s the reason why she’s not replaying to my text….

This is a story about a night that was supposed to be something but ended up be something else! FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, ALWAYS!


















Photo Stefano Galli // / instagram @ste_galli
Girls: Cayla and Adria


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