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Luna by Shuji Kobayashi for C-Heads

“When I began shooting the “re-flection” series, I wanted to create images in a nostalgic look. Faded, sun-burnt, or color shifted images like old photographs. However, that idea gradually changed by working through the series.”


tells Photographer Shuji Kobayashi who captured model Luna exclusive for C-Heads in order to realize images that are based on a story about a secret relationship. “Since I have been back to Japan from the U.S., I wanted to capture the images of Japan, but not in a stereotypical images such as a Kimono, a Geisha, or a Samurai nor capturing the present time. I wanted this images looks like photographed in 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s Japan. I thought that is my nostalgia, and the images I should create. To start this series, I made up some story about the secret relationship, the love affair. These images were photographed based on that story but does not tell you the whole story because they are just the evidence/memory of the relationship. You might not be able to tell whole story by looking at the pictures, but I tried to create the images that make you to feel or sense what was going on behind of those images.” Even before reading his thoughts we could sense something incredible strong out of those pictures. Maybe by describing them more we would destroy the delicate nostalgia they transmit, so we´d rather let you just enjoy them without saying more…

















model: Luna / lunavary.tumblr.com
Photography by Shuji Kobayashi / shujikobayashi.tumblr.com / kobayashishuji.blogspot.jp



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