Maya by Laura Kaczmarek for C-Heads

Model Maya teamed up with photographer Laura Kaczmarek for a C-Heads Exclusive, that has it all. Style, glam and rock – welcome back to the 80´s.

“I like to shoot special girls they have their own style and character. Natural girls don’t pose too much. Maya is a real 80’s glam rock girl, for her it’s the attitude to life. We shot the story in the Ruhr area in Germany. Found the location with an American flair while we were driving through the streets. It was a perfect fit! The garden „abour” belongs to an old-established hippie names Bruno. During the shooting, we were listening to the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and other great artists. It was really relaxing and inspiring for the shooting.“





Maya_Laura_Kaczmarek-12Jeans: Lee – Jacket: True vintage 80´s flea market


Maya_Laura_Kaczmarek-21Tshirt: B.C. – Jeans: Levis (DIY) – Cap: American Apparel


Maya_Laura_Kaczmarek-25T-shirt: Japan rising sun – Jeans Jacket: 80s denim jacket flea market
Cap: flea market -Jeans: Levis (DIY)




Maya-Laura_Kaczmarek-019Blouse: Monki – Mask: Flea market

Maya-Laura_Kaczmarek-033Pants: Asos – Leather Jacket: Reclaimed – Flag: Misfits

Maya-Laura_Kaczmarek-041Vest: Reclaimed

Maya-Laura_Kaczmarek-046Tshirt: USA Vintage – Jeans: Lee

Photographer: Laura Kaczmarek – instagram: @laura_kaczmarek_ –
Model: Maya – instagram: @maliburocky

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