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C-Heads Exclusive: Sujin by Danny Lane

meet me in the city.


Korean model Sujin Park of Red Models NYC convinces with her unique and cool looks and is described by photographer Danny Lane: “She is almost overly sweet in person – and then she can switch into these characters when she is modeling.” And he adds: “We shot at my apartment in Chinatown for a while and then we walked around near the bridge to shoot a little more. In total, we shot one full roll of film. I don’t think it’s easy to bring a 4 foot seamless backdrop to life. I actually wasn’t looking forward to shooting like this, but Sujin was kind of a big surprise and I’d love to shoot with her again.”


Sujin 5

Sujin 6

Sujin 7

Sujin 3


Sujin 17

Sujin 19

Sujin 20

Sujin 21

Sujin 22

Sujin 25

Sujin Park @sjlove1123 of Red Models NYC
Danny Lane @dannyscottlane

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