C-Heads Print
Red. Mila Calmel by Wojciech Barczuk for C-Heads

Sorceress. Photographer Wojciech Barczuk of Metaluna agency teamed up with French speaking beauty Mila Calmel.

“Something magical was happening. We photographed while talking about her life. her fears, her believes.” Hair done by Sebastian Kobielski of Metaluna Agency, and make up by Magda Kanabis of Metaluna Agency.


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Photographer: Wojciech Barczuk, metaluna agency. / instagram.com/wojciechbarczuk / www.barcz.uk
Model: Mila  / instagram.com/mila.calmel
Hair: Sebastian Kobielski, metaluna agency. / www.instagram.com/sebastiankobielski
MUA: Magda Kanabis /  www.instagram.com/mkanabis
Agency: www.instagram.com/metaluna.agency