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2 girls living in Berlin by Arthur Oscar
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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/192503562

“I just said to them “do what you want” and we got a story about youth, softness and freedom.” Nia & Nina are 2 girls living in Berlin photographed by Arthur Oscar.

«Since a year and a half, me and Nia were talking about taking some pictures together. During my stay in Berlin, I finally got the chance. She came with her friend Nina and told me we should shot all 3 together. And how to say no to this stunning short hair face? I just said to them “do what you want” and we got a fantastic series about youth, softness and freedom.”

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Models: Nia – @niaforst / Nina (Anti-Agency) – @ninovitsch
Photographer – Arthur Oscar – arthuroscar.com / @arthuroscar_
facebook.com/fleetingyouth/ – arthur-oscar.tumblr.com