Take me to the sky

Take me to the sky
It´s a wonderland

“I love that by capturing people I can show a bit of myself too, because for me when a viewer sees a photograph of my subject, it’s actually like seeing two souls drifting away together. I love that every time I capture a soul I get to understand something about it and discover a new certain feeling that no one could ever tell.” Jerferson P.

We are happy to present another stunning C-Heads exclusive series photographed by talented Jerferson Permejo starring cute Lina Alice. “It was a lovely Tuesday afternoon, it was chill and soulful and we’re just taking portraits. Her face is one of the most amazing faces I’ve shot before and it was rejoiced by the calmness of that afternoon. We noticed that it’s getting darker indoors and that’s when we thought of going up to see if there’s rooftop in that apartment.” Jerferson tells. “Fortunately they have one and we have nothing else to do but to take advantage of that pastel sky and that ever beautiful sunset. The stunning light worked with us well especially with the connection that we have to achieve timeless portraits. It was past dusk when we stopped shooting and we just watched the busy city below while having a wonderful conversation about life and dreams.”


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Photographer: Jerferson Permejo instagram.com/jerf.k – facebook.com/jerf.kphotography
Model: Lina Alice – instagram.com/linaalicewagner
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