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This is Sonny Turner

Gorgeous Sonny Turner of Milk Management just turned 19. Happy birthday! Enjoy a C-Heads Exclusive series photographed by Ieva Urenceva.

“Sonny is one of those girls that you instantly fall in love with. I was late for the shoot and we were struggling to find a key to the place but all this time rather than being annoyed, she was laughing and found the whole situation pretty hilarious.” Ieva tells  “I’m used to always making models feel comfortable around me in order to get the most natural pics but this time the model made me feel comfortable around her. We shared funny experiences from our life in London, had some girly chit chats while I was blowing balloons and trying to teach her how to do that too. Turns out she can’t blow balloons or smoke! Even though she just turned 19, Sonny is very wise for her age. Unlike most of the girls with rapidly growing following on social media, she uses those platforms to teach girls how to be strong and love themselves the way they are. She asked me to take a picture of her which she uploaded on instagram straight away, without any editing or filters. Bold, natural and raw – that’s who Sonny Turner is and she just got one more admirer.”


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Photographer: Ieva Urenceva – www.instagram.com/ievaurenceva
Model: Sonny Turner of Milk Management – www.instagram.com/sonnyturner___