Chillin´ in the Hammoc

Düsseldorf based photographer Erik Rulands teamed up with model Katharina to chill around in a super cosy flat and hammoc. Make-up done by Elisa Schlütter and styling by Miri.

“Actually I got most of the inspiration for this series through C-Heads itself. I love the visual quality of simple, authentic but still sexy photos with mostly ambient light that are showcased on there.” Erik tells. (And we are so honoured to hear this) “So I decided to create my own interpretation. The key to achieve this was the location and the model. It took me a few weeks to find this beautiful home location in the middle of Cologne (Germany). And I was looking for a model that has an edgy and not common face therefore Katharina was a very good fit to my approach and I am happy that I was able to gather the whole team together. Many thanks as well to my Make-up magician Elisa and Fashion specialist Miri. We had a super fun day. Although I badly smashed my knee and also had an eye inflammation I kicked my ass and pushed me and the team through the shoot.” It was worth it Erik and we hope you are well again <3


05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_003 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_005 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_001 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_006 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_010 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_008 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_commercial_001 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_commercial_002 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_009 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_011 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_013 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_012 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_016 05-03-17_shooting_katha_sievers_014

Photographer: Erik Rulands,,,
Model: Katharina
MakeUp-Artist: Elisa Schlütter,
Fashion Styling: Miri
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