Dialogue between two friends

Meet Emilie and Léa – 2 girls and best friends from Paris. Photographed by Ray Litsala who spent her last Sunday with them.




Lea and I watched my man wash the dishes. He pressed the sponge and said, “Look it’s your heart ».

At first I didn’t understand this uninteresting joke. But I finally figured out the image he wanted me to realize about my friendship with Lea.

My heart is a sponge that suffer defeats and sometimes bathes in pain. No matter how much sadness this sponge absorbs, it’s okay,  if there is a friendly hand to wring it out and shed all the tears. This action gives me a sense of well-being and I am certain that I will always be fine.





Like after a bickering and the regrets that accompany it.

Like after a great disappointment in love.


Like after my terrible accident which immobilized me during 6 months. I thought I could never dance again.





Like after our failed dance auditions.

We are professional dancers sharing this passion. Both are motivated not to give up and continue to dream of triumph.

Maybe friendship is like a couple who sometimes dances on a cloud and sometimes dances on embers.





Despite the vagaries of life. Even if one of us stumbles. Even if the ground trembles, we will not let go of our hands.


In fact, I try to put words on our feelings, but I can not. Friendship is like love. It can not be explained.

Ray says “images speak more than words ».


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Photography by Ray Litsala – @ray.litsala – www.raylitsala.com
girls: Emilie @emilie.eliazord and Léa @lea.lefranc01