When the sun goes down with Jessel and Nils

Meet up the boys early evening when the sun goes down. Hang out in the streets of West Germany on first day of spring and just have good times with the crew.

Photographed by Laura Kaczmarek 
starring Jessel Sanjuan and Nils Riedel of Aquamarine 
Grooming by Birte Krause 


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photographer: Laura Kaczmarek – www.instagram.com/laura_kaczmarek_ – www.laurakaczmarek.com
grooming: Birte Krause – www.birte-krause.de
models: Jessel Sanjuan @jesselsanjuan @aquamarine, Nils Riedel @nilsriedel @aquamarine – www.instagram.com/aquamarine_official
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