Memories of Alizee´s drawings


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Last Sunday, Ray Litsala interrupted Alizee while she was working. She draws as well as the universe drew it. Those are their moments on 35mm film.

You know, when a parent says to his child « don’t touch », he fights against himself for a few moments but at the end, he touches it.

That was my feeling this Sunday.

At 23 years old, Alizee is a French model in Paris and she works for a famous luxury brand as a retail designer. She finds inspiration in her dreams and wishes: Love, dance and music. Especially Jazz music.



Listen to Alizée’s voice when she sing and you will sway . You will change course like the sailors charmed by sirens.

Her long and thin red lips do not move but I can still read the words she said to me earlier.

-I would like to live from my passion, music. But I found a creative way allowing me to express my feelings on a daily basis and pay my rent, I find inspiration in meeting people, living without asking myself any questions and without thinking about the consequences.



Letting herself being carried by the waves of her endless imagination, she draws sketches lying on the floor of my living room.

She draws as well as the universe drew her. So with my camera pointing at her I draw her too. By scanning the curves of her body.

– Look at me.

– Leave me alone, I really have to finish this for tomorrow. 

She replied coldly.

I wish to immortalize her beauty on my film. And I have only 24 chances. 24 memories and feelings to mark as she chose to stamp her body with her tattoos.

It inspires me.



 Stop it, I tell you. I cannot.

Still a refusal to participate in my game, but this time there is a half smile.

– You said me you want to conceptualize the images and tell stories. This is it.

– We will do it later.

This time she answers me by looking at my objective and taking the pose.

This is called « saying no and thinking yes ».

From this moment she abandoned herself to my game. Without regret to have interrupted her work because her sketches and rough drafts are similar to the reflections on loneliness, death, life and others.  The future reminds us of a certainty in this uncertain world:

Fate is written in a notebook full of strike outs.