C-Heads Print
Stanley and Nair lensed by Jasmin

Jasmin is a 22 years young Romanian artist who studied cinema at the UNATC in Bucharest. She is passionate about all kinds of art and has tried different approaches since an early age. From illustration to photography, videography and poetry, she is trying to make herself heard by people that are open to see beauty in everything around them. In her new C-Heads Exclusive series she teamed up with the gorgeous talents Nair and Stanley.

“I recently moved to London and realised how diverse and complex the African culture is around here, especially when it comes to fashion.” Jasmin relates. “For this story I particularly chose to shoot Nair and Stanley, both of them being young photographers with African roots as well as bold and iconic models when it comes to fashion styling. Nair’s parents are from Cape Verde but she was born in Portugal. She is studying photography in London and is very talented, especially when it comes to shooting on film camera. Stanley is half British – half Jamaican and passionate about fashion, styling and photography.” she continues. “He is creating most of his clothes and then shoots his friends wearing them, until he will eventually make his own brand. These two young artists are working hard, exploring their personality and skills at their fullest and with this set of pictures I would like to encourage other creatives to get inspired by their potential.”


Photographer: Jasmin: @www.instagram.com/p_ias/ – website: pias.ml
Models: Nair: @naiir_furtado / Stanley: @by.stanley