Let´s Get Lost Together

Throw your maps out the window and just go.

The two girls Ayodele Neveur Melian and Julia Sanchez Melian of Pophouse Agency put aside their smartphone for a day to enjoy pure freedom and themselves. Playing the Ukelele, laughing and dreaming.  Photographed on film with a Leica M3 by Daniell Bohnhof with styling by Katrin Gröper and hair & make up by Tamas Szigeti.


Photography: Daniell Bohnhof – web. www.daniellbohnhof.com – instagram. @daniellbohnhof
Models: Ayodele Neveur Melian – Instagram. @ayodelenme
and Julia Sanchez Melian – Instagram. @juliasm12
Agency: Pophouse – web. www.pophouse.org – Instagram. @pophouse
Styling: Katrin Gröper – web. www.look2ocean.com – Instagram. @look2ocean
Hair & Make Up: Tamas Szigeti – web. www.frederickcleverly.com – Instagram @tomikagc – Instagram. @frdk_hair_salon