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Flame in the Soul with Sylwia Koronkiewicz 

“Sylwia is such an inspiration. It was not easy to make an appointment with her, as you never know in what part of the world she is right now. As soon she came back to her home Warsaw, I could not waste the opportunity to photograph my muse again.”

Finally! Poland based photographer Miron Chomacki is back on C-Heads. This time he teamed up with stunning Sylwia Koronkiewicz at Modullar Pracownia Architektoniczna. Make-up done by Aleksandra Foka Przyłuska, styling by Ewelina Droździuk. Grab a coffee and enjoy <3


photographer: Miron Chomacki, instagram: @miron_chomacki
model: Sylwia Koronkiewicz, instagram: @sylwiacorona
mua: Aleksandra Foka Przyłuska, instagram: @aleksandraprzyluska
stylist: Ewelina Droździuk, instagram: @ewelinadrozdziuk
location: Modullar Pracownia Architektoniczna, instagram: @modullar