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“For You” with Jordan Shepherd

Milica Tolimir is a nineteen-year-young photographer based in Minnesota. “My style of photography is leaning towards vintage and natural with no corrections to the face. I believe, as a lover of the fashion industry and fashion photography, we should focus on empowering our flaws, that being wrinkles or baggy eyes. It’s what makes us, us.” she explaines on her newest set with gorgeous Jordan Shepherd. “For this series called “For You”, I am positively portraying less clothing and more skin to send the message that every human form is unique, let’s embrace that. Let’s fall in love with that.”


Model: Jordan Shepherd (Instagram: @hipchocolatechip)
Photographer: Milica Tolimir (Instagram: @militolimir) (website)


Earrings (Gold hoops): Belle Isle Design Co
Earrings (Turquoise): Thrifted
Earrings (Gold + red): Thrifted
Watch: Brighton
Headscarf (Pink + yellow): Loft
Headscarf (Black + white): Thrifted

White long sleeve: Urban Outfitters
Burnt orange loose shirt: Mango
Kimonos: Amazon
Underwear: Amazon

White: Adidas
Burnt Orange: Converse