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“Details” Analog mirror self-portraits exploring body details


“Details” is a wonderful collection of analog self-portraits by currently London based artist Stefania Papagni. Started around 2 years ago, the series is constantly evolving and spreading a wonderful message to love all the details about yourself.


The 25-year-young Italian-French girl Stefania Papagni explores her body through a photography series where she is reflecting different parts into a mirror and like this you are able to see each fragment out of context. “The details could belong to anyone: and so a belly maybe not too flat becomes only a belly, stretch marks on the butt seen from another perspective turn out even nice and I found that the moles that I never loved are just a characteristic of mine.” she explains. “This project is helping me to be less self-critical and to love me and who I am a little more.”

“Almost two years have passed since the beginning of this project which is constantly evolving as my body.” she continues. “One of the things that has definitely changed is the perception of my imperfections. One of the examples is the scar I got due to an operation a few months ago. In the past it would probably have been ashamed to have such a noticeable scar on my belly, something to hide straight away. Instead immediately the day after the operation I was already thinking about how to photograph it as soon as I felt better, and now I wear it with pride. If before I had to accept this “Details”, now I understood that they are part of me and therefore those who don’t love my details don’t love me.”