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Ballerinas, Elegance of the Human Body

Mood Merchant and Stefan Legacy are Edmonton-based film photographers who are specialized in fine art, portraits and conceptual work. For this shoot, Mood Merchant was inspired by art work of ballerinas done by neo-impressionist painters such as Vladislav Nagornov and Corrine Hartley. “Ballerinas have always fascinated me because they portray the raw elegance of the human body through their graceful and disciplined dance moves.”

“This shoot is dedicated to Ava McPhee, the 5-year-old ballerina who participated in our shoot as a model. Ava was diagnosed with grade 3 anaplastic ependymoma brain tumour. Without Ava, this shoot would not have been possible. Ava has a special place in our hearts, we wish are all the best and we are praying she makes a speedy recovery.”


Ballerinas, Elegance of the Human Body.

Special thank you to Citie Ballet (@citieballet) for allowing us to use their ballet studio for this shoot. Very special thank you to Kalie (@kaliefuri) for bringing Ava to the photoshoot, and very special thank you to Crystal (@crystalmcphee), Ava’s mother for allowing this to happen.

Principle Photographer: Mood Merchant @moodmerchant – moodmerchant.ca
Assistant Photographer: Stefan Legacy @stefanlegacy – stefanlegacyphotography.com
Child Ballerina #1: Ava McPhee @avamcphee
Ballerina #1: Audrey Boccara @boccara_audrey
Ballerina #2: Kirsten Kubina
Makeup Artist: Alvina Phan @alvinaphan – alvinaphan.com
Retoucher: Alex Ynuk @alex_ynuk –  www.behance.net/AlexYnuk
Hair Stylist: Darcie Chapman @theblackswanhairco
Videographer: Ardi Heydari @ardibegunthelan
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Bossert @enchantedeverafterab