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Extraordinary Japanese Journal # 7 features major, young model MEGUMU

Meet gorgeous Megumu. She is a freelance model taking not just Asia by storm, but also the entire western world as well. On top of being an incredibly versatile model, she is so very chill and makes you laugh between outfits/shots, so it is no wonder she is so popular to shoot. She is the ultimate confident lady that fully embraces her backgrounds and is showing girls they can be confident too. And to be honest, we could all use an extra bit of confidence… or a lot.

interview and photography by Maya Kibbel
Clothing by Bodega

What was it like for you to be born and raised in Tokyo?  

I was born and raised in Tokyo but also lived in Australia. Because I was able to live in both countries, I am grateful that I was able to see the differences between the two countries and meet with many different people. Though, when I was young and living in Tokyo, I was picked on, on numerous occasions because I was half Japanese and Australian (named “half” in Japanese). But because I was able to overcome those situations, I am now strong and I am who I am now.

Do you think the creative stimulations of Tokyo inspired you to start your career young or was modeling something you always wanted to do?

I had many inferior complexes of myself from a long time ago, but when I was scouted from an agency during high school, it led me to have much self-esteem. I left this agency a long time and am now a free-lance model. Although, every time I have another photo shoot, I discover that my strength is in being able to express myself as I am. For who I am. And as I expressed myself, I became free from the many stresses in my life. From the initial experiences, eventually, being a model became my life.


“I discover that my strength is in being able to express myself as I am. For who I am. And as I expressed myself, I became free from the many stresses in my life.”


You are half Japanese/half Australian, and have a really strong, unique, incredible look! Culturally, how do you feel being a mix? Does it have any influence on your view on life? And do you ever get to visit Australia?

As I told you before that because I am “half” so, being born and raised in Japan I was always very aware of my different look and grew up with much inferior complex. However, now I have embraced how I look completely, and have learned to love myself. Because I grew up with discriminations and encountered numerous incidents because of my background, my view of life has definitely been changed. Everyone is different, and everyone is fine. There is no right or wrong with how you look. That is what I think now.

As I mentioned, Tokyo can be a very competitive city, especially when it comes to the fashion industry. Most girls join agencies right away to be able to book jobs, but you are constantly working (globally even!) as a freelance model. How do you feel about free-lance modeling and all the success you’ve already had?

Seriously speaking, I am more than grateful that I am able to work worldwide. Without media power (SNS), where so people got to know me, I don’t think I could have reached where I am as a free-lance model.

Of all the places you’ve modeled (Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and even Budapest), where was the most memorable shoot you’ve done been?

My most memorable place to shoot was when I had my first overseas shoot project in China. I didn’t speak the language, and it is a bitter sweet memory of how I had to figure out how to create what the client wanted.

You’re a very versatile model and have done all types of shoots. Could you tell us about one of the craziest or funniest shoots you’ve ever had?

I can’t really say which photo shoot was the most interesting, but I will have to say that the Zine photo shoot for “Vintage Loser” that I made with my friend some time ago, was something I really tried hard for. It was the most refreshing and fun shoot because I got to choose everything about the shoot from scratch.

As of right now, where and what do you see yourself in the future? Also, are there any exciting plans you have in 2018 that you can share with us?

I want to become a model that is successful worldwide. At the same time, learning from my experience as a free-lance model, I would love to one day create my own modeling agency.


Model: @megumu_offi
Clothes: @bodegashopstudio
interview and photography by Maya Kibbel @mayakibbel