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Manon, the lady in red


The work of French, and currently Canada based artist Pauline Gallot is poetry in pictures. This time she teamed up with Manon for a portrait series down south west of France next to the ocean, surfboards, cactuses, waves and beauties.


“Whenever I come home it’s the same thing.
Leaving Canada, is running away from the cold, the white, the city and I try to enjoy the ocean, the nature, the energy of the people as most as I can and, try to take some pictures too.

I wrote to Manon spontaneously , asking her if she was free and she was.
We do not know each other very well, only met a few times here and there, at a bar or the restaurant where she worked. You know, the town is small and everybody knows everybody.
This session improvised quite naturally, I wanted something colorful, sensual and warm.
She posed, I shot.

I will not write about Manon’s personality or feelings, we didn’t take the time to learn from each other. I won’t try to write some sweet or wrong bullshit only to fill nicely the article. I wanted to stay true so I only wrote some words about her and our small time together:

«Brown hazel stare
Disguised in fluid forms and far away from an angular system
Virulent and changing pulsations, the pierced chest
Shyness on the skin, loosened tongue, ivory skin and red, red heart.» ”