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Margot and the Animal Farm

Isn´t your heart melting when seeing an animal? I am in love with all the ants, the birds, butterflies and snails out there. And when it comes to sweet little lambs I feel like in a cuteness overload heaven. Delphine Brunner teamed up another time with gorgeous Brigitte Bardot look-a-like Margot Edelman to shot on an animal farm. “I’ve always been a animal lover so, I was looking for a rabbit and then I met this man and his farm. It´s a farm where all animals live which have been saved.” she explains. “For example the sheep has no mother, and so the men of the farm took him in and feeds it like he is the mum. All the animals run free on a field; all together, no cages. It´s so amazing to see them all sharing a place and being happy.”

Besides the love for animals they took inspiration from the ever iconic Brigitte Bardot. “She was very iconic in her youth and still is today. She is known for her pure love for animals and Margot, the model, is such a big fan of her. Brigitte Bardot is always an inspiration but this model looks so similar to her, so I thought why not, let’s get her be back again.” Yes, yes, yes!  Makeup done by Lauren Buckley and assistance by Nadia Carreño.


Model: Margot edelman @margot.edelman
Makeup: Lauren Buckley @ljbmakeup
Photography: Delphine Brunner @delphinebrunnerphotography
Asistent: Nadia carreño @nadia_avellaneda