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Dance with me.

“Aune comes from Sweden, Evandro is from the Netherlands. They’re young, they’re beautiful and they are deeply in love with each other. That was all I needed for this shooting, done in Milan on a warm Sunday morning in May.”,

In this naked room,
dance with me.
On this uncomfortable bed,
honey, dance with me.
Before the eyes of the people,
those eyes that will never understand.
In the darkness of my days,
in the pride of my failings.
Honey, hold my hands.
Honey, dance with me.

tells photographer Fabio Bottiroli about this stunning colour and black and white photo story in which he captured models and couple Maria Aune Taipaleenmäki of Wave Management and Evandro Laurens of Independent Agency. Images that are incredibly intense and full of meaningful picture language. Maria puts some of the meaning we could already sense only through the images into words:

“Love comes unexpected, Love allows you, allows you to feel free with your emotions.
It makes you feel accepted and valued.
The feeling of love is strong and powerful, its something that brings you motivation.
Its something so pure, it makes you feel so cared and seen.
To love and be loved is happiness.
Everyone deserves love and everyone needs love.
Today is the day to give someone love. ”

“Love. We all want a part of it.
When I’m with her I feel alive,
The days are lovely and better than before.
When I opened up myself I opened another door.
I gave my heart and soul to fly towards the sky.
Love. We all want a part of it.
Love is all we have.”



Photo: Fabio Bottiroli – https://www.instagram.com/fabio_bottiroli/
Models/Couple: Maria Aune Taipaleenmäki – https://www.instagram.com/taipaleenmaki/
Agency: Wave Management – https://www.instagram.com/wave_management/
Evandro Laurens – https://www.instagram.com/evandrolaurens/
Agency: Independent – https://www.instagram.com/independent_mgmt/