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Keeping up with Chavi

Gorgeous model Chavi St. Hill, who is with The Syndical agency, has not only cast a spell over photographer Wayne McKenzie, but over us as well. With the help of stylist Maria Piracci and the final result of this production just turned out as a real eye-turner.

“I feel like this shoot is one of those shoots where everyone is in sync. Maria curated and styled a beautiful palette of tops and bottoms as well as providing locations based off a couple general inspiration shots I showed her while Chavi has a stare so intense it almost feels like she’s reading your mind. I was just a human part of a camera trying to capture every moment she threw at me, the following shots are just the moments of Chavi I was able to keep up with.”


Photographer: Wayne McKenzie – instagram.com/mckenziewayne
Model: Chavi St. Hill – instagram.com/chavisthill
Styling: Maria Piracci – instagram.com/piraccci
Agency: The Syndical – instagram.com/thesyndical