C-Heads Print
Let’s drive somewhere

When was the last time you felt totally at one with the world? Curious as a child and to feel that you are in good hands in the world. Let´s follow photographer Darren Ankenman – who also contributed to our “Magical Places” print issue – and muse Michelle to a wonderful trip to Idyllwild, CA.

“Let’s drive somewhere and shoot.” that was the initial thought. Michelle suggested “somewhere in the mountains.” I suggested Idyllwild.  … a nice and easy journey from Los Angeles, 2 hours in the car with french DJ’s on the radio…then a steady, winding climb up to 7000 feet and back down to 5400 feet on into the Idyllwild town center, with pine trees everywhere. We were now within the San Jacinto Mountains. A beautiful sunny day, still early Summer. A quiet Monday. Ducks on the lake. Film in the camera. A shame to have to leave.


Photography by Darren Ankenman
Michelle  @michellemojescik