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Leila Lowfire talks about Body Positivity, Society and being a nude model

Curls & Curves from Berlin

„When I was 14, I sat with a friend on a park bench and we smoked. Then, an older woman came over and instead of grumbling about the spoilt teenagers, she showed us how to elegantly puff. With the words “Art, attitude and erotism, keep that in mind!” she left us. I still smoke on the lung, but those three words shaped me.” she told in an interview to Rath a while ago and which probably sums up her impressing appearance. Leila Lowfire is definitely a woman to fall in love with. In our short interview she talks about becoming a nude model, society and beauty standards and the most important thing in life. All photographed by Sarah Bleszynski.


What inspired you to become a model and how did you get started?
When I was 18 I wanted to become a photographer. I was looking for an internship when I met Oliver Rath. He put me in front of the camera where I have been since.

And why did you decide to become a nude model?
I never had a problem with nudity, with my bodytype it’s not easy to find fitting clothes so I guess I just feel better naked.

What do you love most about yourself
I’m a very empathic person

Why do you think society always falls into the trap of having certain standards for beauty?
I really don’t understand beauty standards. I can find beauty in every size, color or race. Beauty ideals are produced by capitalism. If you don’t feel comfortable in your body you’re more prone to consumption. You want to be skinny buy that, you want to have big lashes, big boobs, no wrinkles? Buy that. They promise us a better life.

How do you handle being criticised?
I would lie if I said it wouldn’t bother me. Of course it depends on who’s criticizing. If it’s a good friend or someone I work with, I take my time and reflect about it. If it’s someone who follows me on social media I try not to care too much.

What makes the nude into a work of art?
Nudity is something very simple, there are no big accessoires, no fancy clothes, just a body and light. As the model you can only communicate through looks and poses. As the photographer only through angles and light. What makes the art in the end is when all those things blend in and create a certain mood. I like asthetics a lot.

The most important thing in life is?
Love, not only the love you have for others but also for yourself.

Please finish the blank:

My best friend describes me as….
someone who loves unconditionally who doesn’t judge and who she can be herself with.

My ideal Sunday morning consists of..
Sunshine and pancakes in bed

My biggest dream is…
To be part of a Tarantino Movie

My favorite food…
I love açai bowls

My favorite book….
I never read a book twice, but my all time favorite book would be ‘SUMO’ by Helmut Newton.
















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