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Clare and Aurora for Magic Hollow


Clare and Aurora photographed by Danny Lane for New Zealand based vintage store Magic Hollow.

“We shot these photos in my neighborhood in Los Angeles. I live in Silverlake with my girlfriend Clare – who is one of the models.” tells Danny. “Our friend Aurora drove down from Santa Barbara to join us. We had a great little crew!

We shot 3 rolls of film just walking around with Laura from Magic Hollow. Laura is from New Zealand and she curates the store. She also happens to be the chillest and sweetest person.

The clothing reminds me of my youth. After baseball practice and before Seinfeld, these are the kinds of clothes I would wear at Applebee’s with my family. I was born in 1985 if you’re curious – so I started dressing myself sometime in the early to mid 90s. Seemed like baby blue and denim and Hilfiger-red were choice. Khaki and patterns. Gel in everyones hair. Hoop earrings. It was a mess. Ha! I’m happy this look has been back. When curated, its approachable and cute. The girls in this Magic Hollow shoot look so cool and fun. I love them.” We too!


Photography by www.dannylanephotography.com
for magichollow.co.nz
Models: CLARE – www.instagram.com/inouicg
and AURORA – www.instagram.com/aurora.dl__