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Postcards, details and naked moments

“Everybody was posting pictures of vacations, swimming pools and bikinis. So Manon and me decided to take a short break in Marseille. 3 days to discover a new city, take some pictures and eat good food.” tells French photographer Arthur Oscar. “The images are a little bit different of what I’m usually do; I used a Contax G2, an automatic focus with Velvia 50 and the end of a black and white roll. It’s a mix of postcard pictures, details, naked moments and authenticity. The last day we woke up around 5.30am to take an early bus to a calanque called “Les Goudes”. The driver of the bus – a sunshine smiling guy – gave us a great local advice. We walked 1h30 longer and we arrived at a small beach lost in the middle of nowhere with nobody. And from that moment I felt so free.”


Girl: Manon @manonlb
Photography by Arthur Oscar
Web : arthuroscar.com / Instagram : arthuroscar_