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Summer Daze with Ceca

She was like the summer.
Like powdered gold.

“I’m always amazed by how time flies. Summer is my favorite time of the year, and there is nothing more beautiful than enjoying every second of it especially when you surround yourself with gorgeous women, like my model Ceca.” talks super talented photorgapher Ivana Džamić on her newest C-Heads Exclusive starring beautiful Ceca Živojinović. “Once again we teamed up and decided to go for an old school photo shoot surrounded by pure nature. Sometimes we tend to underestimate the joys of nature, so we wanted to do something completely different this time.

I just love working with Ceca because we have great chemistry working together. She feels relaxed and confident in front of my lens, and she also brings the best in me.” she continues. “This series is a reminder to all women that being confident is sexy. As a human being, I try to experience moments just the way they are, but as an artist, I feel the need to capture those moments and make them my own. And keeping a balance between those two is the key. Sometimes the best moments cannot be captured by a camera. But, having Ceca as my model allowed me to turn my creative vision into a reality. And sometimes that is the only thing you need.”


Photographer: Ivana Džamić  www.instagram.com/dziv_
Model: Ceca Živojinović  www.instagram.com/cecazivojinovic