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Stress Relief with Ilona Takmakova

“This shooting came literally out of nowhere. I’ve been stressed a lot because of my hard management studies and the pace of my routine.” tells us 25 year young Milan based photographer Alberto Monizza. “I usually contact a model, who often times is a friend, and improvise a photo-shoot to find relief in a passion that liberates me from all of that.” This time he teamed up with gorgeous Ilona Takmakova in his own apartment in Milan, Navigli Area. “We met on a Saturday afternoon where dullness was about to conquer me. I have always hated the idea that in order to shoot an editorial you need a big team, and a cool location, or studio; and I hated when I received critics from a stylist accusing me to take decent photos only because I used to photograph flawless models in the streets during Milan fashion week. This shooting is also a response to that, and it is all about simplicity, which reflects my style as a whole: simple location, a daily life atmosphere, no equipment nor team; just my search of relief in the creation of simple beauty.”


Photographer: Alberto Monizza, @albertomonizzaphotography – www.instagram.com/albertomonizzaphotography
Model: Ilona Takmakova, @ilonatakmakova – www.instagram.com/ilonatakmakova