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Sea of Love

“Eyal and I meet at the gym.” tells photographer Dmitri Talianski. “We started a conversation about tattoos, and since then we have been friends. I decided to tell his story.”

“My name is Eyal. I’m 33 years old.
I’m working as a Mobile application developer for almost 6 years.
I like wave surfing, extreme sports, travelling in nature and abroad.
I really like my stunning dog called — Swell — :)
I’m dating my amazing girlfriend Lital for almost a year and a half.
A story that changed my life: 8 years ago I had an accident on my right eye while surfing.
Since then I’ve been through 8 difficult surgeries,
nevertheless that didn’t stop me from surfing and loving the sea.
My motto is “Tomorrow is too late” and “No risk No fear”.”


Model: www.instagram.com/eyalbenmoshe
Photographer- @dimmm69 – www.instagram.com/dimmm69