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Life Imitates Art
“This project was in the works since July 2018” explains us photographer Zakariya Ismail about his new series Life Imitates Art. starring Femme Dusoir. “The motivation from this project came from Vogue’s New Renaissance exhibit; in which the theme was Neo-Renaissance. This editorial is called “Life Imitates Art” and is a reinventing of “A Casting From Life” (1887) by Edouard Joseph Dantan; in which a life caster and his assistant remove a plaster mold from the leg of a young model in Dantan’s painting.” Sculptor is Raj Shahani and sculptures by Spanish sculptor and figurative artist Miguel Del-Rey whose work celebrates the human condition by depicting the body and its infinite expressive ability. Assistance to sculptor and photographer: Samuel Bodden.



Photographer: Zakariya Ismail@moodmerchant
Model: Femme Dusoir @_femmedusoir www.femmedusoir.com
Sculptor: Raj Shahani @shahaniraj
Special thank you to Miguel Del-Rey @_mikedelrey_
Assistant to Sculptor & Photographer: Samuel Bodden @s_am_well