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Neon Lights

“I went for a holiday to Thailand. And I realized how much was happening the last year.” explains Piyathath Patiparnprasert. “I went out on an adventure to fulfill my dream in Melbourne. And so did Nin Duijkers, the model. We both met after a long time and on that day the weather was so good. We had a small talk in front of the location and after entering inside we saw that everything was decorated with colours and neon lights. The location is a hidden gem; it is surrounded by a restaurant, vintage store and a nail salon. And then we created more memories to remember…” Styling was done by Hattaya Sae-ngow and the clothes used are by W.A.S.H.I.T, the shoes by Darlin Jewerly. Shot at the location leftandright studio.



Photographer: Piyathath Patiparnprasert  www.instagram.com/gongtairoop
Model : Nin Duijkers   www.instagram.com/ninnosleep
Stylist : Hattaya Sae-ngow  www.instagram.com/ofcourse.im.asian
Clothes : W.A.S.H.I.T  www.instagram.com/w.a.s.h.i.t
Shoes : Darlin Jewerly  www.instagram.com/darlinjewelry
Location :  leftandright studio www.instagram.com/leftandright.studio