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The work of Natalia Skotnicka focus on simple sensual photos of women. Through her works she wants to depict a real truth and beauty of the model. Her trip from Poland to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, resulted in photographs with Diana Jurczenko, a Polish girl who currently lives in the city. A soft morning light and an apartment in one of the townhouses in the center of Kiev made sensitive vibe. Hand-made underwear by TKACZ added some piquancy. This series shows the model as a self-confident, sometimes delicate, petite creature that immediately changes into a woman who is footed heavily on the ground. Photographer and model wanted to show that femininity is the head of emotions. Make up done by Marie Sova



Photographer Natalia Skotnicka // www.instagram.com/skotnickan
Model: Diana Jurczenko // www.instagram.com/dianajurczenko
MUA : Marie Sova // /www.instagram.com/maria_sovaa
Lingerie: TKACZ //www.instagram.com/tkaczm/