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Parisian burlesque


Burlesque Shows and cabarets have been heating up the French capital ever since the 19th century. And although it´s popularity changed over the decades, Burlesque still catches you due to its open spirit to showcase beauty through attitude. “The mesmerizing French performer and DJ Canelle Doublekick offered me an insight into her life in Paris.” explains photographer Laura Russ. We created this series where it is all about the two contrasting worlds in her flat in the 19th Arrondissement and the streets around and the Isadora Bar in the center of Paris.” Assistance by Marine Millot.


Model: Canelle Doublekick @canelledoublekick
Photographer: Laura Russ @russarts
Assistent: Marine Millot @marinemillot95
Location: Isadora Paris @isadora.bar.paris