C-Heads Print
Sun and Nature with Amber

Resting on a stone,
and only blinded
by the luscious green.

“We packed a suitcase full with wardrobe and camera gear when Amber Flowers and I decided to explore the lush nature. We brought a gorgeous red flowy dress with slits up to there, shimmery swimsuits, and sarongs for those mesmeric moments in waterfalls. But our favorite pics were when we ran out of wardrobe to shoot!” Cali & Mexico based photographer Heather Hussey-Van Gaale laughs when talking about her newest amazing C-Heads series. “It was a hot day when we arrived at our bamboo suite perched on a cliff overlooking the river. Amber got undressed the second we walked into the open-air room and cooled off in the private fresh water swimming pool shaped like a heart. I instead, balanced on the edge of the tree-house, unwittingly practicing yoga (with my 5dm4 in hand) on the built-in hammock net that juts out high above the pool and gardens, in order to shoot some precarious angles… Oh if I only had a drone! I´m afraid of heights, but anything for the shot!”


Photographer: Heather Hussey-Van Gaale  @photohussy
Model: Amber Flowers @ambersflowers