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“Working With Emotions” – The world of photographer Bobby Mandrup

Odense, Denmark based photographer Bobby Mandrup has the ability to capture the beauty and uniqueness of a quite simple moment to make it last forever. “I don´t like wasteful staged shootings. For me photography is about  showing the individuality of every fleeting moment.” he explains. The talented artist captures the supposed coincidence, the pearls and beauty of daily life with a strong influence of youth culture.

“Working with emotions. That´s probably the best way to describe my work. It´s about putting feelings into pictures. That´s my main focus. I have to feel the image and “to make it work” for my eyes. I mainly shoot people, both analog and digital. Keep it real, keep it simple. To me a photo doesn’t have to be precise in its expression or in its story. I believe that you need to leave room for interpretation – but not too much. It’s important that the picture is a reflection of the reality – and authentic in its expression.”