C-Heads Print
“illusive Evil Crush” by Vanessa Matic


It is good to be young
There’s no gray
Only black and

Wild and alive
shivers in my

I listen to the dark
There’s so many

God has she ever loved me
I reach out grab her perfumed

Her voice gentle orchard lazy
Walk to thorn in my side like a
whip of white roses bloody red


Sex and death
in the silhouettes

I cannot look up at you
Don’t tell me what to do
A vision in the night pearly
sharp teeth and I taste you like
lithe pain cruise the razors in my

There’s so much noise it’s in color

I’m explosive you turn me on
You’re explosive illusive thoughts
silk like dreams silk on me


Plug things into each other that shouldn’t
be plugged into each other

They cause chaos
deeper and higher

We’re alive

Man suffering from spirit
Man explicated by pain
Dead articulate nature
Origami in my throat
My eyes seek the
words my hands trace
the ways slay words on
you so lay

Heavily sedated on the attraction
Like bullets in the friction storm
Tantrum bodies heat like fire
Take me evil when your heart

“Originality is illusions of things already created.” Vanessa Matic