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The flower – A series with Samara Martins

Detlef Honigstein debuts on C-Heads with a lovely analogue series starring sublime Samara Martins of Full Circle Models Capetown. All shot on Ektar 100, a Lomo Color Film and Delta 100 black and white.

“I met Samara in Capetown for the shooting at the day she left the city. We met up quite early in the morning at 6am. We shot in the backyard of a house and just got the idea to take this “good bye Capetown” picture; her in that red mini skirt climbing over a wall like a thief at night. We finished around 9.30am and that beautiful bird went straight to the airport flying away…” Detlef rewinds about the shooting.. Samara is wearing a white vintage blouse of a nice vintage and record shop called Voom Voom Vintage and a red skirt of Zara. Hair and makeup done are by Patricia Piatke and Melanie Hunger and styling by Double Studio.



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photography by Detelf Honigstein – www.detlefhonigstein.tumblr.com – #detlefhonigstein
hair / makeup by Patricia Piatke – www.piatke.de – www.instagram.com/pitzepatze and Melanie Hunger
www.melanie-hunger.com – instagram.com/melaniehunger_hm
Styling by Double Studio – www.double-studio.com – www.instagram.com/doublestudioberlin – facebook.com/pages/Double-Studio-Berlin
model is Samara Martins of  Full Circle Models Capetown – instagram.com/samaramartins__ – instagram.com/fullcirclemodel