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Golden Hour with Jasmine Alleva

“A sliding glass door separates us from the city outside. The only thing that fills these rooms is light. We are merely visitors, drinking the golden hour from a home that isn’t ours, in a place we are not from. Sun rays yield constellations of freckles on my face, their flares caught on camera. Pink Floyd sets the tone as the art hanging on the walls bears witness to this shoot. We converge, then disperse, our impermanence as reliable as the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean just 7 blocks away. This is how we live.”

Photography by Ben Tsui
Videography by Chris Vongsawat
Model and Words – Jasmine Alleva


Photographer : Ben Tsui  www.bentsuiphotos.com
Videographer : Chris Vongsawat
Model : Jasmine Alleva